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The Abbey Liverpool


Another Monday…another blog!

To those people that know me well, when I express my want or fancy for singing or karaoke, I’m asked (very politely) not to and to never embarrass myself or my friends to my horrific non-talent.

BUT, I went with a large group of people to Liverpool this weekend for Rockaoke.  Rockaoke works similar to the normal karaoke; however the backing track is played by a live band with backing singers and plays only the very best in rock anthems and ballads.

So unaware of my quote “frankly ridiculously poor” singing skills, we headed up to The Abbey in Liverpool.

The venue is your typical Smith and Jones style pub. On multiple floors, high ceilings with lots of separate seating areas. The bar is very long, and spans half the length of the main bar area complete with 5 lovely bar maids (minus a few cute male bar staff) it’s just as it should be! After the meeting had wrapped up, we all made it back to the hotel to glam up and head back for the rockaoke.

We were welcomed into the pub by two lovely (little undressed but they rocked it none-the-less!!) ladies and come 8.30 the whole place was jumping and as the band played a few warm up songs we tucked in to our pizzas, southern style chicken and pitta and dip.

Whilst we were eating a strange white tardis type box thing was being erected in the corner of the pub.  The investigator (and the nosey cow as well) wanted to know what was going on. Turns out it was a free photo booth. Remember when you needed a passport photo – you would go in the booth and you would get 4/6 separate photos. Well it was like that but complete with hats, wigs, sunglasses etc. Alcohol, fancy dress props and a camera, it’s all you need for full blown next morning embarrassment. I’m pretty sure the pictures below speak for themselves. Let’s face it though, I look pretty awesome.

After a couple (ok maybe several!) bottles of wine we thought we should get up and do a rock number of our own. To promote the new Christmas menu ( – Check it out) we sang this:, can’t beat a bit of Slade “IIIITTSS CHRIIIIIIIISTMAAAAAS!” I would post a video of our efforts alas it sorta kinda accidently-ish got deleted, whoops isn’t that a disaster!  😉

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Have the American hot pizza, it goes down really well with the white – or with beer, doesn’t really matter. Tee hee

Atmosphere and decoration:  MC Party Princess rocked the house.

Facilities:  Upstairs to the left!

Talent Radar:  Lots of cheeky Liverpool hunks, delicious.

Fun Factor: I would defo go back for the rockaoke so yeah I’d say so.

Perfect for: pre-clubbing, stag/hen parties, work meetings, dinner.


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I was invited up north again this week to witness the first “Sutra” night of the term at Varsity Durham. As you have gathered I’ve been to a few Varsity’s now so I went up with a certain expectation of the venue, its inhabitants and the staff.  I’m happy to report, all of those expectations were well and truly SMASHED! I do like to be proved wrong (sometimes –let’s not get ahead of ourselves!)

I’ll start with the venue. Most Varsities’ consist of one large space which is then separated by areas with different style of tables, booths and the like.  Durham was totally different! Plain walls were replaced with brightly coloured and textured wallpaper with really comfy trendy furniture and unlike most Varsity pubs; this one had an outdoor area to the back overlooking the river and the bridge. The balcony had at least ten tables and there were another five or six in the terrace which had a roof but open at one side. Seeing as it was such a nice day I sat outside, enjoyed my glass of wine and tucked in to a southern fried chicken wrap and chips (don’t tell my gym buddy, I’ll get told off!)


Fun in the sun

Party in the pub

Whilst going to refill my glass I noticed a nice big dance floor and several little hidden seating areas, each with two or three smaller tables, thought it would be really good for a private little date

Whilst talking to the bar staff, it was pretty obvious they were excited about the night as well and were expecting around 700 students over the course of the night. Now over a space of 4/5 hours, 700 hyper students doesn’t sound like much but it wasn’t mentioned that they would all come at once which was indeed the case. The look on the bar staff’s face was priceless, a nice mixture of terror, excitement and determination! Within no time the dance floor was filled to the rafters and considering the playlist was pretty awesome, you couldn’t help but dance along.

After talking to some students it was clear that Varsity is one of the better places in the city for students and it’s really obvious why.

All the students were really friendly which makes a nice change. Sometimes they get a bit too drunk and get rowdy but there was good clean fun to be had by all including little old me! As you can see, everyone was really friendly. Little note to the girlies reading this….Durham has some great guys, easy on the eye if you catch my drift! *wink*.



Crazy girls!



Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  swift service, fab food.

Atmosphere and decoration:  On trend, surprisingly lush and warming

Facilities:  HUGE bathroom.

Talent Radar: yes yes YES!

Fun Factor: University fun at its best

Perfect for: Cosy date,  quiet dinner, party hard, lunch time chill out, watching the game.

In 3 words: Student hot spot.
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The Almanac, Derby


Hello Party Princesses and Princes

I visited the Almanac in Derby this week for a meeting with some work colleagues.  I was already looking forward to visiting this particular pub because I heard they had a Karaoke booth and the plan was to do the boring work stuff then sing away later in the night.

Have to say the overall look of the pub was awesome. Barn yard chic is how I would explain it. Exposed wooden floors and exposed red brick blocks but mixed with pretty wallpaper and 70’s style bubble chairs. Overall, very very cool.

I had my meeting in “The Bake house” which was a separate little room at the back which people can book out for meeting, parties and the like. Very cosy in there but a little dark.

The bar is on two floors, the ground floor had the bar, booths, door to the outside smoking area and the karaoke booth and the mezzanine floor had some more seating area and the toliets.  One of the bar staff told me that a few weeks ago a very drunk customer was messing around on the stairs, fell over the railing and landed on the sofa below him. Lucky if you ask me, what sort of idiot does that!!!

After my meeting, we all chilled out and had a spot of dinner, my baked lasagne was soooooooooo good, all cheesy and meaty, although if anyone is going to order it in the future, be careful, I nearly burnt my lip it was so hot. Didn’t care though!!

The TVs above the bar showed the film Cocktail on mute which was a nice little touch. Got me thinking about cocktails anyway that’s for sure.

So after a couple of not so cheeky glasses of wine and southern comforts and lemonade, it was KARAOKE time! I don’t really know what I was expecting but the booth was really cool. The karaoke machine was all touch screen which I hadn’t seen before and had loads of up to date songs as well as the typical karaoke classics.

I would NEVER EVER subject anyone to my singing, mainly because I was too embarrassed – not because my singing sounds like a bag of cats being swung into a wall (I’m not even joking, ask my flatmates!!!) So I left it to our sales manager to do a Birmingham remix of “I need a dollar” which is now “I need a pound”. The video is available, and yes I will take bribes to either delete it or show it. (I’ll take a Starbuck large mocha frappe with chocolate sauce thank you!) I’ll be booking the booth next time I’m in that’s for sure.

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Really good vibe coming off the staff.
Atmosphere and decoration:  Loved the mix of old and new, perfect condition and spotlessly clean.
Facilities:  Good full length mirrors
Talent Radar:  Depends if you count our sales staff?!
Fun Factor: Karaoke-tastic
Perfect for: First date, Work meeting, liquid lunch, general hangout, Karaoke night out. Hen/Stag parties.
In 3 words: Kar-a-okeeeee

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I love hearing from you all. If you want to update me on your party plans, give me recommendations on where to travel too next or any heads up of any places to steer well clear of drop me a line. Even if you fancy joining me for a a dance in Doncaster, a mojito in Manchester, a cheeky glass of wine Cardiff or a burger in Bangor give me a bell and I’ll pop along, (never know I might get the first round!)


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Andy Parsons @ The Pembroke Castle


Hey, its me again.

I kept my word and re-visited the Pembroke Castle last weekend for the Hampstead Comedy club. Three brilliant comedians brought us to tears. Including BBC2’s Mock The Week star Andy Parsons. He really stole the limelight and he really was fab. His comedic spin on current events and politics was brilliant.

I spoke to Andy after the show and asked why he likes coming to the Hampstead Comedy Club.

‘I still love turning up at some of the passionately-run smaller clubs, and Hampstead is among my favourites. Tonight was a typical Hampstead night – very friendly atmosphere and a comedy-savvy crowd. I shall certainly be trying to persuade them to let me back soon.’ –Andy Parsons

The Hampstead Comedy Club hosts a weekly show at The Pembroke Castle in Chalk Farm/Primrose hill every Saturday night.

On Friday, Time Out’ magazine published its top ten list of London Comedy venues included Hampstead Comedy Club! how awesome is that!  They have been running For over 18 years and should really proud of this fab accolade.

Read my earlier blog and the Pembroke Castle for more information and visit for weekly updates on the line-up and head liners.

Bye for now.


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Fun in Leicester


Hey guys.

First things first, don’t you just love my new page! I do! Check out the Contact me page for links to Facebook, Google+  Twitter and my party diary to see where I’ll be popping up next!

Last week I witnessed the MOTHER of all fancy dress parties. Now at most fancy dress parties you’ll find the obligatory, cats, cowboys, school girls, superheroes or some form of slutty Disney character. So when I ventured up to Leicester for an open entry fancy dress competition I did have certain expectations. HOWEVER……these were BLOWN out the water, I mean like nuclearized bombs couldn’t have touched it. I’ll give a little background information before I start the costume parade.

I had a couple of mates still floating around in Leicester at De Momfort University doing various things and after seeing their pictures on Facebook and the fun they have (and having very very hazy memories about my own experiences in Leicester)I thought I’d head up again and see what they have to offer.

The city itself is really lovely, if only I had a spare £1000 for a little shopping spree because Leicester looks like the place I’d be able to spend it rather nicely. So after a painful few hours of wishful window shopping, I caught up with the girls (and boy) over a quiet drink at a pub called The Reynard. It’s a nice venue, really high ceilings on two floors, cream and yellow interior and a cracking food menu. I had a big ole’ steak, glass of wine and polished off a slice of lemon tart with ice cream. Perfect pre-boozy food. It was clear there were a lot of regulars in the place because there seemed to be a good bit of banter passing back and forth from both sides of the bar. It was nice thing to see; it gave the pub some life and made an interesting session of ear wigging.

The Reynard

So, fake tan on, uncomfortable underwear set and with a pair of even more uncomfortable (yet fabulous!)  heels, it was time to hit the town. Varsity is always a student staple in any city so we started there. It was a lot smaller than the other Varsity’s I’ve been to in the past but boy – Was it busy!!

As I said it was a fancy dress party and if I had known beforehand I think I would have joined in the fun with some old University costume I’d used back when I was a student. I was quite content with admiring everyone elses hard work to be honest. With that in mind…..check out these AMMMAAZZING outfits. These are my top four but check facebook to see the rest of them.


Safety First!

Thirsty? With Steve the manager

Pile up!


Scores on the (royal) doors:  


Food and service:  Really good bit of steak at The Reynard. Even though the staff looked a little over whelmed in Varsity they all had a smile on their faces.

Atmosphere and decoration:  Really relaxed in The Reynard, massive contrast to the craziness of Varsity.

Facilities:  All clean and shiny.

Talent Radar:  Hard to tell under the costumes – but how can you resist a man in tights!

Fun Factor: AWESOME time. My hats off to you Leicester!

Perfect for: The Reynard – Chill out, quiet dinner, cheeky glass of wine

Varsity – Pre-drinking, shots, pitchers, all things student-y


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Varsity Manchester


Hello – again, did you miss me?

When I was a weeh baby princess (about 17/18) I spent a LOT of time in Manchester, going to gigs, shopping, partying and generally hanging out and I have always wanted an excuse to go back and visit to see if the Manchester party spirit is still alive!

With my found memories alive and kicking I headed to Manchester for the Varsity launch of their new promo night “Reem On!” ( Poor old Joey Essex, I bet when he started that show he didn’t know how popular his catch phrase would be. Well it’s made its way up north and Reem On is aimed at lassoing the students out of halls (which is just above Varsity actually) and show them a Manchester welcome.

This particular Varsity is at the top of Oxford road its where most of the student bars, gig venues and halls are based so it’s a great location to live if your one of the lucky students to live there.

Note the foozball table - I challenge you to a duel

I arrived to a see a nice healthy bunch of students wallowing in their hangovers and cooked breakfast. The smell was too much and I cracked with a bacon sarnie, pot of beans and a cup of tea, best way to start a Wednesday morning in my opinion. Doesnt the menu look yummy!

As I’ve said I spent a good few weekends in Varsity but it sure has changed from then to now. The massive TV screens have gone, gone has the “old man style” décor and that nasty warm white wine smell has drifted on to pastures new. All the interior walls have been removed so it’s one huge open space which makes it look 10000000 times bigger than I remember it to be. To separate the pub out, open door frames have been put up in different parts of the bar and instead of a door, there are hanging plastic crystal style curtains or ribbons of bright coloured material. There are booths and sofas and mixtures of low and high level tables all with different styles of chairs – very creative.

After my breakfast I couldn’t help notice a MASSIVE gorilla looking at me from the other side of the bar. Turns out its one of the longer serving bar staff, and as a reward for all is hard work, he had been condemned to a day in a monkey suite (Think of the gorilla drummer from the Cadbury adverts) and after a chat and few diet cokes later I was in dragged along in a session of flyering/stickering along Oxford road near all the student halls, lectures rooms and around the other student pubs. As the theme for the night’s party was PC PLOD, a flashing policeman hat was plonked on my head and away we went!

Monkey had to make a quick phone call!

After a shower, make-up on, heels precariously placed and fed and watered I was back to enjoy my night! The place was buzzing, little slow to begin with but everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Overall I had a great time catching up with some old mates and revisiting my past. It was a night Joey Essex would have been proud of! Well reem babes, hope your jeal. If not I hope this video sways you

I think he loves Varsity!!

Scores on the (royal) doors: 

Food and service:  How can you NOT love being served by a 6ft gorilla?
Atmosphere and decoration:  Really good referb’ they gone done a job!!
Facilities:  All clean, sparkly and comfy.
Talent Radar:  Not all too bad, little young for my liking. All a bit too drunk too. ‘hick’
Fun Factor: Lots of fun, nice venue, great staff, even better customers.
Perfect for: Hangover cure, quick pick me up coffee before class, shots at the ready!
In 3 words: Well Reem Babe’s

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Me with the Manchester students

The Mariner – ooOOoo I do like to be beside the seaside.


Good afternoon my beautiful subjects

Went on the sly little shopping trip to Brighton at the weekend. Forgot the one cardinal rule about living in England – Always carry a brolly from Sept through to March and I got thoroughly drenched head to toe. After a few hours of shopping in the rain and the cold and spending money which I don’t actually have (Halifax bosses are defo getting a bonus this month!) I popped into Varsity on the seafront near the pier, to meet up with a friend from Uni. Turns out Varsity isn’t Varsity anymore, it’s now called the Mariner. They have had a bit of a re-furb but it’s still just as I remember it from Uni just with less students.

Unique menu holders

Liked the lampshade for lights and love LOVED the menus. They had turned old LP sleeves into menu holders which were stuck on the inside and every table had a different menu sleeve. Thought that was a really good touch and ties in with the Brighton music scene.

I had grilled chicken and pesto wrap and my friend had chilli noodles and we shared a bottle of wine. ‘hick’!! You could buy two large glasses of wine for £10 (Pick up the voucher here: ) and get the rest of the bottle for free which is really good value. I’ll remember that little deal for next time I’m in Brighton. MY wrap was yummy, little too pesto-ey than I would have normally have but I liked it actually. Who cares about garlic breath? And the noodles were surprisingly spicy, deceptive little noodles!

Pesto chicken wrap and the hot hot haaaaat chilli noodles

On my way to order we found where all the LP’s from the menu sleeves ended up! On the wall, it made a really nice feature amongst the booths and tables.

The barmaid told me about the club they have downstairs called Ally Cats, have to check that out soon I think.  Meow!

Top tip, book a table because I think it’ll get very very busy over lunchtimes and weekends.

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Nice and filling, good little liquid lunch.

Atmosphere and decoration:  Really liked the music theme. Hope they put up more LPs on the other walls.

Facilities:  Comfy booths round the whole bar.

Talent Radar:  Little older than my usual type!

Fun Factor: Good place to chat in the day but I bet it gets packed downstairs.

Perfect for: General hang out. Quiet pint, pre clubbing drinks.

In 3 words: Music, Relaxed, Foodie.