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Shaking it up at 5 o’Clock!

Shaking it up at 5 o’Clock!

Now, it’s been a while since we last spoke, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a whole lot going on in the party world.

Take last week for instance, a little birdie told me that the Cape Bar on Wood Street were launching their 5 o’clock club, so I had to check it out.

I knew launch night would be rammed, so I rang up Cape’s Party Planner, the lovely Ashleigh and got myself and my friends on the guest list ready for a great night.

And what a night it was! Turns out we could get our hands on 2 Cocktails for the price of 1, so naturally we took full advantage. My friend LOVES Blue Lagoons so went straight for that. It looked amazing! So blue and refreshing! I opted for the Little Miss Sunshine, simply because I am! It was delicious, the perfect blend of Mango, Passion Fruit and Orange Juice – I would definitely recommend!

The upstairs mezzanine area had been kept solely for the 5 o’clock club, giving the whole thing an amazing feeling of exclusivity. We certainly felt like V.I.P’s!

We had a great time, and it certainly helped us wind down after a day in the office! I would definitely check this out if I were you; I know I will be back for more! Check out their Cocktail Menu and decide what you’ll be having first!



Look, I’m on the Smith and Jones Journal

Smith and Jones Journal

When I go to order a bottle of wine, be it in a restaurant or in a pub I will pick a white almost all of the time, I just prefer it. However when I am out with the girls, I have the minority vote and Rose wine is picked for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t HATE Rose, I just think you can get more flavoursome white varieties.

Having said that, when I DO go for pink I normally pick a wine which is almost orange in colour and it has to be served cold, VERY cold. I know that everyone says you shouldn’t serve anything colder than 12 degrees blah, blah, blah, but on a personal level I always keep my wine cooler at around 8 degrees.

So I was out last week with the girls and as predicted, Rose was ordered, on this occasion Fortant Merlot…

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I LOVE a good cocktail; those who read my Party Princess Blogs (if you don’t, shame on you, get familiar!) should know that already. This week I had a decided I would give the Smith and Jones Woo Woo cocktail a go! All Aboard, WOO WOO!

Everyone likes to splash out on a pricey cocktail every now and again but it gets to a point where I refuse to pay £10+ for a glass of something that is too strong, too sweet and too small, so small that I end up drinking in two gulps, order more, and turn up to the party a little early if you get my drift….. So I have been on the lookout for something that is value for money, tasty, and under £6 a glass.

A Woo Woo, some may say, is the designated drink of the Woo girl (Fans of How I met Your Mother will get that reference) but it’s a drink that suits pretty much everyone and fits in with most occasions.

This 90’s classic is made up of Vodka, Peach Schnapps, and Cranberry juice with a dash of Lime. Can’t say better than that really. What is even better is that it’s only £4.95 a glass or £11 for a pitcher. You can probably squeeze a good 3 to 4 glasses out of a jug so it’s better value to get the pitcher.

Scores on the royal doors:

Best for: Getting the party started!
Value for money: Heck yes!
Personal Taste Appeal: LOVE Woo Woo.

Check out the full Smith and Jones Cocktail Menu here and don’t forget to subscribe to the main Party Princess Blog! 🙂

Leicester, Take Two…ACTION!


Huzzah dear readers! x

Given that my last jaunt to Leicester was so fantastically awesome, it would be incredibly rude of me to turn down an invitation to hang with those crazy Leicester students again. This time my invitation was from the second Varsity on London road.

Expecting a heavy night, I packed my berocca, my heels and a toothbrush and whizzed up to Leicester. Talk about timing, it would so happen that my visit coincided with the end of exam celebrations, I couldn’t have asked for a better excuse to round up the students of Leicester and De Montfort, and boy were these guys ready to party!

Even at 12pm, hoards of relived, blurry eyed and smiley student piled through the doors of Varsity looking for food and most importantly…booooze! The J-bombs started to flow and even got a cheeky few passed my way. Yes I know 1pm is a little early to start but, whilst in Rome an’ all! An army of burgers and curly fries made their way out of the kitchen to feed the students.

I got talking to one very lively (to put it lightly) group of chemists. Well, one thing leads to another and I ended up challenging one boy to a Man Vs (Varsity) Food!

Mission (Should you choose to accept it) “Consume a Dirty Dogs Dinner in less than 5 minutes, with your hands tied behind your back!”

Granted, that doesn’t sound too bad, well hang on and let me explain what the Dirty Dogs Dinner actually is. Imagine a mountain of sausages, a big pile of chips smothered in Heinz Baked Beans and smoked bacon pieces, all served in….(wait for it) an actual steel dog bowl! Doesn’t that sound beautifully glamorous! Unsurprisingly it wasn’t! Seeing the poor bloke bobbing his head in and out of the dog bowl, we didn’t think to cut up his sausages beforehand which made watching the whole gut busting experience a little gross. Soon he had the whole bar including the staff cheering him along and he managed the dish in 5.30 minutes, so close, dang and blast!
Surprisingly, I lost my appetite for lunch and dinner!

"Hi Im Jonny Knoxville and Welcome to Man Vs Food!

On to the nightlife! Shots, J-bombs, pints, glasses of wine and bottles all £1! The Varsity Pound Party had begun. The tunes were rolling out and the crowds were rolling in to join in the party. The upstairs section of the bar had been booked out for an international students party and the downstairs was split between the cool kids at the back of the bar on the sofas playing pool and the rest of the nutters throwing out some choice moves on the dance floors.

I couldn’t have a night out in Leicester without visiting my buddies over at The Reynard and Varsity on Friar Road. (Read my previous Leicester blog here) I met my future Party Prince, Jef (DJOneEf), and sat and had a nice drink with the guy at The Reynard who told me about the success of their own student social parties on Wednesday, do I hear another invitation?! I think so!!

Scores on the (royal) doors: 

Food and service: Doggie-licious?! I did actually share a dirty dog bowl, and with proper cutlery, it’s pretty darn good!
Atmosphere and decoration:  Big and airy, mixture of sofas and booths along the side.
Facilities: HUGE girl’s bathroom!
Talent Radar:  If you love chemists with a face full of beans, then YES!
Fun Factor: As always, Leicester rocks it.
Perfect for: Filling your tummy and rocking out on the dance floor.
In 3 words: Student hang out.

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See you on Friday for my Newcastle/Sunderland Tour Part 1 through 3 

My Alibi in Manchester


Hello to my beautiful subjects!

Last week I ventured up to Manchester again alas on a work mission not a party trip which is never as fun, but when life gives you lemons….ADD VODKA! Tee hee.

Given I work for a website, it’s pretty important that I have access to the internet…well tell that to our IT manager, I couldn’t log on to the Wi-Fi and after an hour of procrastination and with my in-tray piling up by the hour, I hauled ass and tried to find a free Wi-Fi spot.

I found a nice little bar/coffee stop/restaurant on the corner of Portland Street, very close to the town hall square called The Alibi. The warmth hit me as soon as I walked in and this was a welcome break to the freezing winds outside.

Logging into the Wi-Fi was so easy and so quick; I was very grateful but not so grateful when I saw my email inbox.  I was going to need some serious motivation tunes and some coffee. I could have kissed the barmaid when I saw that they served Costa coffee, so 2 Americano’s later I was in full swing and finished my workload in record time which gave me an hour or so the chill out and enjoy the rest of what The Alibi had to offer.

I really liked the decorations, there seemed to be lots of areas, by that I mean, at the back of the bar were several semi-circle booths with low lighting and atmospheric wallpapers, the middle of the bar were higher tables perfect for perching on a stool with an equally tall cocktail. (The cocktail menu did look pretty awesome)  The front of the bar was filled with smaller tables, benches and gazebos. I liked the idea of bringing the outdoors inside and gave the bar a nice air-y feel to it.

The stairs were lined with oversized vintage pin up posters. I LOVED the posters; I will have to get my hands on some of those for my flat I think. The VIP area was also upstairs which had a great view of the rest of the bar.

6pm came along and the bar slowly filled with people celebrating the weekend and I would agree The Alibi is the perfect place for a post-work drink or 3… or 5 or 6 and a spot of dinner. I ordered a bacon and tomato melt which normally come with chips but swapped the chips for extra salad – It is nearly party season. Well its always party season for me but sequin dresses never look good with a tummy full of chips.

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  All seemed very friendly.

Atmosphere and decoration:  different atmosphere and décor in each corner, loved it.

Facilities:  Liked the huge posters on the way to the loos.

Talent Radar:  Not too bad, possible hotties….

Fun Factor: would have been better if I had my party peeps with me

Perfect for: pre-drinks, Lunch time filler, free Wi-Fi, Yummy cocktails

In 3 words: Dark, atmospheric, sexy.

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Burlesque Birthday @ The Alchemist



Last week was the 1year birthday party for The Alchemist. Read my previous blog on The Alchemist here. I was a promised a night of fun, frolics, fire, water and burlesque and boy was I given all of those things!

Not only was it the 1st Birthday party for The Alchemist but it was also the 30th of my girls, so the only natural thing was to co-inside these two very important dates in one big extravaganza!

I booked a table in advance, The Alchemist is packed on a normal Friday, but this was not an ordinary Friday,  it would be extra busy and I’m very very glad we pre-booked a table. We were greeted by fire eaters and fire dancers at the entrance, which was….hot! I couldn’t do what these girls do so massive credit to them, they looked amazing and it very quickly draw in a small crowd and people starting streaming into the bar.

As well as pre-booking a table in an area which they called the tea room, the wall with the faces to you and I! We also pre ordered a round of pizza and drinks. So one goats cheese pizza, one pepperoni, one margarita and one ham and mushroom pizza later (good job its 2 4 1 on pizza after 3 pm), with a few bottles of wine, the main event kicked off! Only a burlesque martini glass dancer! Move over Ditta – or maybe not, she’s pretty awesome. The dancer was amazing; she definitely attracted a big group of men with their mouths down to the floor, including my flat mate who shamelessly filmed the whole thing with his chin scraping the floor.

Once fire dancers had burned out and the martini dancer had dried off, we re-grouped, and to our joy the DJ and the dance floor were in full swing. Just in time for a rendition of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. A round of mojitos later the dance moves became more gestured and after yet another round of Long island ice teas, we were busting some serious shapes on the dance floor!

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Really fast service

Atmosphere and decoration:  Buzzin’

Facilities:  Hand dyers blew me away

Talent Radar:  Bring on the hunky suit brigade!!

Fun Factor: Loads of fun, Ive got a sudden want to start burlesque dance classes.

Perfect for: Girls night out, general hang out, first date, post-drinks work, pizza party.

In 3 words: Fire, martini, goodness!

Varsity Plymouth


Hello Party Kings and Queens

I live with two blokes who both went to Plymouth University together and I’m always regaled with tales of drunken nights, waking up in strange places, new recipes for stomach churning shots and most of all Varsity! So when I got the chance to party with the students I jumped on a train with red bull, pro-plus and the vital post-night out orange berroca in hand.

The venue was HUGE. I mean massive. All the way at the back was a good sized stage and I noticed huge projector screens for watching sports. I was told later that Varsity hold NFL Sundays and show a lot of the football and major sports games

Varsity hold a weekly promo night called Funky Monkey, and upon my arrival I was greeted (I say greeted it more chased) by a massive 6ft gorilla who I now know goes by the less ape-y name of Lee!

No Monkey-ing around here!

I was invited to sit with the lads from the American Football team who were sponsored by Varsity (Varsity also sponsor Lacrosse, Ladies rugby, Cheerleaders and a few others I think) and after spending a lot of time with the rugby blokes from my own Uni I thought I could match the banter, alas no! Al the guys were so much fun and I enjoyed hearing the disgusting, gore filled, cringe stories and tales of broken bones, initiation tasks and messy nights outs.

American Football Team.

Decided to have a chimichanga from the new Mexican section of the menu, which, besides from being massive, was so yummy although there’s no way I’d want to see the calories from that dinner, don’t care, it was too good.

All the bar staff were wearing yellow monkey T-shirts and it was nice to see a dash of colour and solidarity behind the bar. I was “treated” to a shot of gin by the football boys and the night began! (Note to self, never accept a shot again unless you want your throat to burn, who thought one little shot could bring me to my knees!) I watched a very messy game of beer pong, joined in the YMCA dance and somehow ended up with a big inflatable monkey which – with the help of some unsuspecting students, I named Spank! So armed with Spank my pet monkey we travelled the bar meeting new friends.

I was warned by my housemates to “watch out for the navy men and the squaddies” and they were right! Lock up yours daughters when they are about!

Boy what a night it was, my hats go off to Plymouth, you guys can party! I’m going to put my name on the guest list next time I go for sure. Party Princess plus 1000000 guests!

Football team and Spank the pet Monkey

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Had a good laugh with the gorilla!

Atmosphere and decoration:  MASSIVE venue with stage at the back

Facilities:  Very gothic themed bathroom, but hold your nose going past the boys loos – You know what they’re like!

Talent Radar:  Top notch. 10/10 for cheeky smiles!

Fun Factor: Loads of good clean(ish) Uni fun!

Perfect for: Watching the game, all in one venue, sports bar, hangover food. Group parties

In 3 words: Sports, banter, cheeky!

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