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‘Tis the Season, is it?

‘Tis the Season, is it?

So while I was at Cape Wood St enjoying some tasty cocktails, I was told that Cape in St Katherine’s Docks will be hosting a Christmas Taster Event on the 11th September. Christmas in September? I had to see what this was all about. A couple of my friends were interested in sorting out a Christmas Party so I took them along for the ride.

Well, when we walked into the bar we instantly felt more festive. The bar had been decorated tastefully with Christmas decorations and fairly lights and we were greeted with a glass of mulled wine which definitely got us in the mood for Christmas.

Then in came the food. Boards stacked with Smoked Salmon on Rye Bread and Thyme Baked Brie with Garlic Toast came out to greet us. The Salmon was delicious and the Brie was perfectly cooked and creamy. My favourite was the Christmas on a Stick, which was exactly what it says on the tin, bits of chicken, potato, stuffing and Vegetables popped on a stick and covered in cranberry sauce. Perfect!

In the corner was a giant cardboard Santa, holding the message that if we book our Christmas Party on selected dates we could get 25% off! Now that’s definitely worth a kiss!

All in all I had a great time at Cape and I am already looking forward to the festive season. Well done guys! Loved it!


Party at the Pub – Barracuda Party


Hey Party Go-ers

I had the MASSIVE honour of being invited to the Party at the Pub (Barracuda) Christmas Party! “A Christmas Party at this time of year?! ” I hear you cry, well to be honest that was my response as well, but the hospitality industry and Christmas kind of go hand in hand and now the streamers, fake snow and baubles have cleared, I guess they can all breathe and cut loose.

I have un-knowingly blogged about a number of Barracuda pubs including the whole Varsity chain, The Alchemist in London, The Albi in Manchester, The Capitol in Bolton and even The Abbey in Liverpool.  So when my invitation for the Barracuda Pub Managers Ball popped up I grabbed it with both hands and ran up to Loughborough.

The party had a Hollywood theme to it and I liked the little touches such as the giant Oscars, casino tables and the film prop statues. You know what else I liked? The nearly free bar, what a result! What with a dedicated Bacardi Mojito bar, a free for all bar and the shot/J-bomb waitresses, I’ve never had so much alcohol in front of me. Surprisingly I took the sensible option and only had a few drinks (HONESTLY, I was actually really good!!).

Fully enjoyed the Barracuda Pub Group Awards, and it was nice to see that everyone’s hard work was being acknowledged and rewarded.

Some bright spark decided a foam machine would be a GREAT idea. Note to self, don’t mix new suede shoes and foam together. I don’t know why I bothered doing my hair, one minute in that stuff was enough to strip nearly half my make – up off and de-fluffed my hair. I have to say I do love a good foam party though, it brought me back to my Uni days!

Me and Ian from I am Vip

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Hello Bacardi Bar!

Winner from the Barracuda Awards 2011

I made a friend! Awwww "Friend"

Im in there somewhere (Middle right-ish)Blurh Jager-Bombs.

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Handy hot dog stand to soak up the Barcadi
Atmosphere and decoration:  Great fun!!
Facilities:  Great big venue and lots of areas to chat or dance.
Talent Radar:  Can’t name names, they might be reading!!!!
Fun Factor: HUGE servings of fun!
Perfect for: Pre-clubbing, cheap food, large parties, sports. Would def return for a student night.
In 4 words: PARTY AT THE PUB!

Party Princess Guide to Christmas Parties


Hey Guys.

As the name suggests, I am the not so self-confessed Party Princess. My title was originally coined by a group of close friends who would always say my party hosting skills were – to quote –  “Royally freaking awesome” and the Party Princess was born!  It is true I do host a pretty good party, I think the number one key,  is getting the right guest list and making sure that all the guest are matched somehow. Not In a match making Cilla Black way though (although if I’m honest that does happen some of the time).

As my blog suggest I have turned my hat form party hosting to party go-er.  It’s far less stressful and I get to have a LOT more fun. The saying goes, blondes have more fun, and ITS ALL LIES, brunettes have a royally freaking awesome time. Im learning this dance for my office party!  – I’ve got mad skills!

The Christmas season is almost upon us and I have put together a few do’s and don’t’s for party go-ers this year. The weekend before Christmas is notoriously messy with the mixture of office, family and friends party, it’s important to free your inner party princess, queen, prince or king, we all have one inside us – It’s just waiting to be released and coroneted!

Royal Rule 1 – To Extrovert or to Introvert, that is the question. (This really applies to office parties/functions)
When it comes to Christmas parties extroverts love them – it’s a chance to get together with colleagues and friends and chat without deadline pressures. Introverts may pale at the thought of mingling, engaging in small talk and being in a crowd. Whatever the party, don’t force yourself to be something that you’re not. If you are the quiet type, channel your inner mystery, is a surprisingly powerful and mesmerising quality – work it!

Royal rule 2 – Watch the booze
I’m really sorry to say, this next rule is self-learnt, do yourself a favour and listen to me on this one…Just because it’s a free bar doesn’t mean you have to drain it!! There is always one person at the party that gets too drunk. I’ve been that person in the past and in some situations its ok to relax and keep the drinks flowing but in others you’ll just end up looking like a prat, asleep at 11pm, missing all the action and there is nothing worse than being ”that person” who everyone is taking about the next day,

Royal rule 3 – Strut the catwalk
Christmas parties are always a chance to showcase those killer heels, a show stopping dress or a classic suit. Whatever you decide to wear, make it sure it’s appropriate. If you are attending a family function, maybe leave the slinky black number at home or if perhaps you are going to an office party with the big bosses, slide over the plunging necklines and find something professional but fun at the same time. Want my secret for looking great over the Christmas party season?….SPANX!

Huge no no no no nooo

Royal rule 4 – Beware of camera and Facebook
For goodness sake watch out for the stray camera shots! Facebook is the sworn devil enemy when it comes to rouge pictures appearing, and we all have that one friend who just loves to tag you! There is only so many times you can say it’s your and red eyed, wobbly arm, fluffy haired, double chin twin sibling!

Royal rule 5 – Watch your mouth
It’s easy to forget where and who you are with sometimes at certain parties when the mood is relaxed and your inhibitions drawbridge has been lowered, just be careful what you say to people. It’s natural to sometimes have a whinge and a moan about people, especially when you are at an office function and that “cow from finance who always steals your custard creams is wearing the same dress as you” is giving you the evil eyes, but don’t go shooting your mouth off. You’ll only cause problems and create a bad name for yourself. You never know who is listening!

Royal rule 6 – Watch your tongue!
This rule is an amalgamation of number of all the rules so far. Whatever you do, don’t get too drunk and make out with your latest crush! Photos appear on Facebook, people will start gossiping and once again you’ll hate being “that person” the morning after. It’s easy to get carried away in the Christmas spirit, champagne and slow dancing to Mariah but just watch it!

Six simple rules to bear in mind over the Christmas. I share these with you because I made the same 6 mistakes time and time again, and just don’t want to see any other future Party Princess or Princes do the same thing. Remember, it takes a lifetime to build a reputation but it could just take a slip of the dress, slip of the mouth, sip of champagne or the slip of the tongue to bring it all down by your ankles!

On the other hand…..rules were made to be broken. Have a great Christmas!

Party On!
xx PP xx

Wishing everyone a safe, merry and fun Christmas

Three cheers to the team Party Princess - May we dance on into 2012