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Party at the Pub – Barracuda Party


Hey Party Go-ers

I had the MASSIVE honour of being invited to the Party at the Pub (Barracuda) Christmas Party! “A Christmas Party at this time of year?! ” I hear you cry, well to be honest that was my response as well, but the hospitality industry and Christmas kind of go hand in hand and now the streamers, fake snow and baubles have cleared, I guess they can all breathe and cut loose.

I have un-knowingly blogged about a number of Barracuda pubs including the whole Varsity chain, The Alchemist in London, The Albi in Manchester, The Capitol in Bolton and even The Abbey in Liverpool.  So when my invitation for the Barracuda Pub Managers Ball popped up I grabbed it with both hands and ran up to Loughborough.

The party had a Hollywood theme to it and I liked the little touches such as the giant Oscars, casino tables and the film prop statues. You know what else I liked? The nearly free bar, what a result! What with a dedicated Bacardi Mojito bar, a free for all bar and the shot/J-bomb waitresses, I’ve never had so much alcohol in front of me. Surprisingly I took the sensible option and only had a few drinks (HONESTLY, I was actually really good!!).

Fully enjoyed the Barracuda Pub Group Awards, and it was nice to see that everyone’s hard work was being acknowledged and rewarded.

Some bright spark decided a foam machine would be a GREAT idea. Note to self, don’t mix new suede shoes and foam together. I don’t know why I bothered doing my hair, one minute in that stuff was enough to strip nearly half my make – up off and de-fluffed my hair. I have to say I do love a good foam party though, it brought me back to my Uni days!

Me and Ian from I am Vip

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Hello Bacardi Bar!

Winner from the Barracuda Awards 2011

I made a friend! Awwww "Friend"

Im in there somewhere (Middle right-ish)Blurh Jager-Bombs.

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Handy hot dog stand to soak up the Barcadi
Atmosphere and decoration:  Great fun!!
Facilities:  Great big venue and lots of areas to chat or dance.
Talent Radar:  Can’t name names, they might be reading!!!!
Fun Factor: HUGE servings of fun!
Perfect for: Pre-clubbing, cheap food, large parties, sports. Would def return for a student night.
In 4 words: PARTY AT THE PUB!


The Alchemist


Hey! So I met up with a couple of friends on Friday at The Alchemist, just behind Aldgate tube station. Having heard it was popular we
went fairly early so we could get some seats but even at 6, it was packed. We did manage to get a couple of seats by what we have now dubbed – The cow wall – moooo! (The wall was covered in faux cow and pony skin – very creative!)

oOOo furry!

Even though there was loud-ish music the general atmosphere was rather mellow which was a nice change to some of the other bars in that
area. We ordered a blue lagoon and woo cocktail jugs which were just under £13 each, (got 4 glasses out of each jug). Unlike most jugs I could actually taste the vodka and schnapps so even though it was a bit more expensive it was defo worth the money. I still won’t share though

All mine!

We didn’t order any food but the menu looked yummy. I have my eye on a fish finger sandwich! My eye also wandered to a couple of suit
cladded blokes (I do like a guy in a suit) Tee hee! http://bit.ly/nesTFH – Sooo my type – NOT

We got chatting to another group sat near us and they told us that it was refurbished about a year ago but to be honest the whole place
seem a lot newer than a year old. We loved the cow wall but each section of the bar had a little theme, the “pod” next to us was a round booth with bird print wall paper and at the other end of the bar it looked like there were more intimate seating areas with slightly brighter lighting. Shame I couldn’t persuade a suit man up there with me.

LOVED the burlesque-y pictures dotted around the walls, should have nabbed them because I’ve wanted some of those kind of pictures for ages

Later on we got a couple of twisted
shots which I’ve actually never seen before. Its simply two separated liquors in a twisted shot glass. I had a “Glitter Bug” which was apple vodka mixed with Goldschlager and grenadine, and it have to say it was DE-LISH! My friend got an “Oil Slick” which was Baileys and black Sambuca. Rather her-than-me, I’m not good with creamy liquors, I’m not even joking I pull this EXACT face http://bit.ly/ovP1jK   Eurrrrgh!

Going to Cape on Wood Street tomorrow for a music quiz night. Wish me luck; I’m swotting up on my music knowledge. By swotting up I mean I’m just listening to my IPod and ignoring everyone!

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Good when we eventually
got to the bar.

Atmosphere and decoration:  Really fun creative décor and nice chilled out vibe.

Facilities:  Really flattering mirrors, hurraaah!

Talent Radar:  Bring on the hunky suit

Fun Factor: Had a fab time with the girls and it was nice to chat to the
other groups next to us

: Girls night out, general hang out, first date

In 3 words: Fun,
Funky, GSOH!

Don’t just take my word for it though! Check out other reviews at http://bit.ly/n4P93J

NB. All photos are off the website, taken in the day.