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Varsity Huddersfield


Hola Chicas/Chicos

I headed up to Yorkshire this week to party with the new fresher’s at Huddersfield University.  For the last few weeks I’ve been un-in dated with invites from various pubs and bars asking me to come check out their fresher’s week. I hadn’t even considered Huddersfield until I saw their Fresher’s Fling night. 5 pubs, 3 groups, 1 t-shirt, the pub crawl to end all pub crawls. Looking at the list of bars and seeing Varsity in the mix made me happy, love a good student bar which is a rare thing to find other than the student union. Wetherspoons and slug and lettuce is getting too expensive.

So I trekked up to Huddersfield to join in the fun. I decided to scope out the bar before the night’s carnage. The venue was much bigger than the other Varsity’s I’ve been to before. The downstairs part was where the main bar was and had lots of tables, sofas, high top tables and stools. Even at 2pm the bar was HEAVING with hungry students. The place smelled of burgers and BBQ sauce, score one for making my tummy rumble! I had a cheese burger and curly fries. The burger was amazing, tasted really fresh and so juicy. Considering it was under £5 for a burger and a drink, I think I’ve replaced my cheap burger deal with a new one – sorry Wetherspoons!

Once the bar had got a little quieter I had a chat with the manager who told me he was expecting over 700 students tonight. That’s a whoooole lotta students but all the staff seemed really excited for the night. Had a little quiet time in the beer garden and found out the bar had free Wi-Fi and after failing to ignore my email inbox I couldn’t escape them anymore and fully took advantage of the Wi-Fi.

I returned later in the evening just in the nick of time, right before the first wave for pub crawlers. Even though I graduated a few short months ago, I was out of practice and these fresh faced fresher’s were drinking me under the table! It was so good seeing the big groups of students together all partying and dancing. Witnessed the most hilarious dance-off in the upstairs seating area. I would have filmed if it hadn’t been so dark but seeing 4 blokes inside a ring of adoring girl’s body popping and jumping around was funny as hell!


Speaking of girls, in the boy to girl ratio, the boys were massively loosing, never seen so much long hair and bare legs, if you got it flaunt it and these girls defiantly had it!

The lovely Huddersfield Girls




..and boys! ooOOOooo errrrrr

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Staff were pumped and ready to go

Atmosphere and decoration:  Good reliable student bar, a dying breed.

Facilities:  High heel friendly, I hate slippery floors, never a good look when you fall on your face.

Talent Radar:  Oh yes, the blokes that were there score a good 8/10 although a bit young for me.

Fun Factor: Major fun, great music, good dancing fun was had by all

Perfect for: Hangover fixer food, cheap prices, student hang out, free Wi-Fi.

In 3 words: Raise the roof!

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Cape, Stirling


Hey guys.

Decided to trek up to Scotland to check out Stirling University’s fresher’s week! On reflection, maybe going to a beach party in Scotland wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had because it was FREEZING! (Link to YouTube cheerleader vid) I joked with some friends before I went that I should rock up in a sundress, scarves and Ugg boots but I actually really could have done with them. Thankfully the bar was nice and cosy otherwise my fingers would have fallen off. BRRRRRRR for some reason every time I say BRRRR I think of this…..

So walking into the bar (besides from the warmth) there was a really

good vibe. Got talking to the bar staff and they explained that Cape here was the number one student spot in town and I could tell, in a good way of course.  There were lots of little groups of people laughing and talking which created a nice little buzz.

A jacket potato and beans thoroughly warmed me up and filled my tummy for the evening – I was gonna need it! Beach bods started to appear around 9ish for the Bad boy quiz and by 9.30/10 the bar was packed to the rafters.  Fishbowls and pitchers were flying off the bar, I was very tempted, it’s hard not too when they so yummy.

The weekly “Bad boy quiz” was going on at the same time as the beach party at the other end of the bar. From the few bits I caught of the quiz it looked really fun. It wasn’t your average quiz though. Oh no no! There was of course the usual music, sport rounds but then came the pizza round! When I first heard it thought it would be a round all about my kn

owledge of all things pizza. Alas it wasn’t. Turns out the winner of those sets of questions won an 18 inch pizza from the takeaway down the road. Can’t say better than that really can you?

There was a really good mix of current dance and R+B and you couldn’t help but have a bit of a dance at the bar. Bruce the plastic the shark was the star of the show and ended up in a lot of photos. What a diva. However you have to feel sorry for Bruce when he ended up down underpants and up tops, I guess I’ll have to spring for his therapy sessions!!


Me and Bruce!Fun in the sun.Poor Bruce

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  All the staff looked very summery in their beach gear.

Atmosphere and decoration:  Very busy considering it was a Wednesday.

Facilities:  Good lighting for touching up your eyeliner.

Talent Radar:  Couple of buff beach bods!

Fun Factor: Two enthusiastic thumbs up.


Perfect for: Pre-clubbing, cheap food, cure the hangover, cheeky mid-week dance.

In 3 words: Student-y, Fun, staff

You can book your table for the next quiz or book a booth just chill with your friends at:

Pembroke Castle


I went to the Pembroke Castle – Primrose Hill the other day for a spot of lunch with some friends.  The bar itself is just up from Chalk Farm tube station so it was super easy to find (and considering I’d get lost in a paper bag means it must be REALLY easy to find!!)

The inside of the bar is really welcoming and had a cute eclectic feel about it. On the walls were lots of little framed postcards of local shops, road signs and funky little bits of graffiti. They had good taste in music as well, bit of old indie songs like The Libertines, Blur mixed with
more recent stuff like Ed Sheeran. Massive thumbs from me on that front. On all the tables were pots of basil, and even though that might sound weird, it looked really cool and I’ve since taken the idea and stuck a wrapped pot of basil on my kitchen table.

Seeing as it was sunny – Yes I said sunny, can you believe it a whole afternoon without rain or hurricanes!!! –   We sat outside in the beer garden which was really cute with fairy lights and cushion, very boo hoo, bang on. If only it was July again, a jug of Pimm’s or a Gin and tonic would have been just the ticket.

Actually choosing something for lunch was a bit of a mission. Both of us were in the mood for pizza but couldn’t pick one, goats
cheese and red onion, peri peri chicken or pepperoni. Dilemma.  In the end we shared a peri peri chicken pizza and the goat’s cheese and red onion pizza. Both were so so yummy, I didn’t really want to share the red onion one, it was far too good. Much too good to share with friends. Tee hee!

The bar seemed really well stocked, there looked to be something for everyone, beer, ale, cocktails for the eve, spirits. If only my flat was this well stocked, I’d never have to leave.

I noticed there was an upstairs meeting room which would be good to rent out for parties. They actually hold comedy nights up there every now and again, would be fun to go to one in the future I think. The staff were really friendly and seemed to enjoy their job. I hate grumpy barmaids.

Heading up to Stirling this week for a beach party, Beach parties shouldn’t exist in Scotland, I’m going to freeze my butt off. Is it ok
to wear scarves and Ugg boots with a sundress? Ill rock it anyway!!

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Scrummy, I’d return just for the pizza. The staff were lovely.

Atmosphere and decoration:  Really chilled loved the fresh flowers around the bar.

Facilities:  Loved the retro bottle green tiles

Talent Radar:  Slim pickings. 😦

Fun Factor: Wasn’t a heart pumping night out but Pembroke was very relaxing,
just what I needed

Perfect for: General hang out, lunch date, pre-bar drinks

In 3 words: Good Indie Pub.

Don’t just take my word for it though! Check out other reviews at:



The Cape – Wood Street/Lovers Lane



I love a good pub quiz and I love music (most people say I have terrible music taste but, I say eclectic)  so when I was invited to a charity music quiz at Cape (Nr Bank, London) I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show off and flex my music brain. The quiz was
arranged by Crazy Cow Events to raise money for the Crazy Cow Kilimanjaro Climb. You’d have to be crazy, rather them than me!
The bar itself was lush! When we went in, it was only half empty and the atmosphere was already buzzing.  We sat on the ground floor, although the upstairs looked spacious.  Just as we started to get settled, look who turned up! Only the big cheese mr CEO himself, check out Mark with Helen our Central Reservation Manager!

Here is a picture of the Crazy Cow girls and Laura our London sales manager and general nutter! – They are lovely despite my camera trying to make everyone evil! Robyn on the left believes a pair of Roxy stiletto hiking boots will get her up there and Melanie is apparently….SCARED! Helen is apparently “Bricking it – but is very excited and chuffed about to eating loads” and Robyn, the crackpot who came up with the idea is also very excited.

Right to left: Laura, Melanie and Robyn


Our entry £5 ticket included food and considering how much food we got it was a total BARGIN! The roasted vegetable and cheese baguette slices and garlic mushrooms were so so so yummy. Although some people just couldn’t fit enough chips in their mouths. *cough cough – No names who!*


So once we fed and watered, the quiz began! The first round was “guess the song”, kicked assed with 16/20, the second round was picture round, third round was “guess the female singer”  – Once  again kicked ass. After the third round we were on 46/60 and feeling hopeful. That’s where it all went to pot though. Round 5 was general knowledge and round 6 was “guess the TV theme”. As 23yr old, it’s hardly likely I’m going to the theme tune to Taggart and Touch of Frost. I may be still sulking but I say it was unfair. Even after a few sneaky Google cheat answers, we ended on a TERRIBLE score, I’ve shamed myself. 😦

The winners of the quiz were team “Greeting pop pickers” who got a MASSIVE 76/100. They deserved a £50 bar tab for being that awesome i reckon.

Greeting Pop Pickers

The girls raised £950 which is absolutely amazing. Congratulations to them! For more information on the charity, the climb and to donate your pennies visit:

Next week I’m starting a 10 venue FRESHERS tour, I’m so excited to catch up with mates, party with the new generation fresher’s! BLOG-TASTIC! To follow my fun and frolics join me on Facebook!

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  DE-LISH! Nom nom. Staff were really friendly and upbeat,

Atmosphere and decoration:  Buzzing, great atmosphere.

Facilities:  Clean and sparkly!

Talent Radar:  Too busy being rubbish at the quiz to notice!!!

Fun Factor: Even though I pretty much sucked, still had a good time.

Perfect for: All-rounder actually. Would be perfect for pre-clubbing drinks,
drink date, business meeting place.

In 3 words: Trendy, Atmospheric, Foodie.

Don’t just take my word for it though! Check out other reviews at

The Alchemist


Hey! So I met up with a couple of friends on Friday at The Alchemist, just behind Aldgate tube station. Having heard it was popular we
went fairly early so we could get some seats but even at 6, it was packed. We did manage to get a couple of seats by what we have now dubbed – The cow wall – moooo! (The wall was covered in faux cow and pony skin – very creative!)

oOOo furry!

Even though there was loud-ish music the general atmosphere was rather mellow which was a nice change to some of the other bars in that
area. We ordered a blue lagoon and woo cocktail jugs which were just under £13 each, (got 4 glasses out of each jug). Unlike most jugs I could actually taste the vodka and schnapps so even though it was a bit more expensive it was defo worth the money. I still won’t share though

All mine!

We didn’t order any food but the menu looked yummy. I have my eye on a fish finger sandwich! My eye also wandered to a couple of suit
cladded blokes (I do like a guy in a suit) Tee hee! – Sooo my type – NOT

We got chatting to another group sat near us and they told us that it was refurbished about a year ago but to be honest the whole place
seem a lot newer than a year old. We loved the cow wall but each section of the bar had a little theme, the “pod” next to us was a round booth with bird print wall paper and at the other end of the bar it looked like there were more intimate seating areas with slightly brighter lighting. Shame I couldn’t persuade a suit man up there with me.

LOVED the burlesque-y pictures dotted around the walls, should have nabbed them because I’ve wanted some of those kind of pictures for ages

Later on we got a couple of twisted
shots which I’ve actually never seen before. Its simply two separated liquors in a twisted shot glass. I had a “Glitter Bug” which was apple vodka mixed with Goldschlager and grenadine, and it have to say it was DE-LISH! My friend got an “Oil Slick” which was Baileys and black Sambuca. Rather her-than-me, I’m not good with creamy liquors, I’m not even joking I pull this EXACT face   Eurrrrgh!

Going to Cape on Wood Street tomorrow for a music quiz night. Wish me luck; I’m swotting up on my music knowledge. By swotting up I mean I’m just listening to my IPod and ignoring everyone!

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Good when we eventually
got to the bar.

Atmosphere and decoration:  Really fun creative décor and nice chilled out vibe.

Facilities:  Really flattering mirrors, hurraaah!

Talent Radar:  Bring on the hunky suit

Fun Factor: Had a fab time with the girls and it was nice to chat to the
other groups next to us

: Girls night out, general hang out, first date

In 3 words: Fun,
Funky, GSOH!

Don’t just take my word for it though! Check out other reviews at

NB. All photos are off the website, taken in the day.