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Party Princess Meets Geordie Shore


Hey Guys!

What do TOWIE, Desperate Scousewives, Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore all have in common? Well despite their obvious production values, complicated characters and deeply layered story lines, they have all created a persona and stereotype about their inhabitants. I’m ashamed to admit that I have given in to the addictive nature of Geordie Shore on a few occasions and when I got an invitation to party in Newcastle I was very excited about meeting the cast and finding our deep and mutual love of Partying.

Its only a matter of time before Im invited to be the newest cast member.

As it happens I didn’t meet Sophie and didn’t make James fall in love with me, Hooooowever, I did have a proper canny night and in an unexpected place – Trillians Rock Bar!

The stage back-drop

In my younger Party Princess days I spent a good deal of my time in various rock/indie music bars trying to be cool drinking pints of cider and battling with the sticky floors but I’m VERY happy to report that none of these party sins have been committed in Trillians.

Quietly hidden behind the main shopping street and opposite the city library is Newcastle’s diamond in the rough bar. Down a short flight of stairs you will be greeted with a deceptively large area with a more than adequate stage, sound system, dance floor and seating all around the edges.

On first glance you may think this was your average rock bar however, look deeper and there were some awesome little touches. The main bar was made up of old LP’s and CDs and the smaller tables were made of varnished old music magazines, photos, CD’s and LP’s.  Very unique, big fan. Several TV screens were showing a Transformer movie (little odd) but later it was showing Hulk, and I love a bit of Ed Norton.

Love this idea, so unique.

On my way to the bathroom I found myself following a long trail and lipstick marks along the wall. Even though the bar staff have tried and failed at removing the marks, I thought it was a really fun and interesting feature. I couldn’t go past without adding my own lips! MMWWWHHHA!

Loved the themed burgers, I didn’t chance to try one but the “Metallica burger” looked pretty kick ass.
I had come to see a band called “This Machine”, a cover band playing proper 80’s rock and roll. They played a great mix of Kiss, ACDC and Guns and Roses.  A pretty decent crowd had formed and the dance floor filled with dancing fans whopping their hair back and forth (Not in a Willow Smith way though!)

And a message to Geordie Shore, Trillians will give you a run for your money any time!

Left overs from the night before! That's quite a collection!


Scores on the (royal) doors: 

Food and service:  Staff were really cool, very friendly!
Atmosphere and decoration:  Very VERY clean, staff obviously take pride in their pub.
Facilities:  Kissable!
Talent Radar:  Few younger rockers #wink
Fun Factor: Geordie Shore can suck it!
Perfect for: Chill out with mates, quiet drinks, OR LOUD DRINKS!
In 3 words: Kissably Rockin roll!


The Mariner – ooOOoo I do like to be beside the seaside.


Good afternoon my beautiful subjects

Went on the sly little shopping trip to Brighton at the weekend. Forgot the one cardinal rule about living in England – Always carry a brolly from Sept through to March and I got thoroughly drenched head to toe. After a few hours of shopping in the rain and the cold and spending money which I don’t actually have (Halifax bosses are defo getting a bonus this month!) I popped into Varsity on the seafront near the pier, to meet up with a friend from Uni. Turns out Varsity isn’t Varsity anymore, it’s now called the Mariner. They have had a bit of a re-furb but it’s still just as I remember it from Uni just with less students.

Unique menu holders

Liked the lampshade for lights and love LOVED the menus. They had turned old LP sleeves into menu holders which were stuck on the inside and every table had a different menu sleeve. Thought that was a really good touch and ties in with the Brighton music scene.

I had grilled chicken and pesto wrap and my friend had chilli noodles and we shared a bottle of wine. ‘hick’!! You could buy two large glasses of wine for £10 (Pick up the voucher here:  http://bit.ly/o3iSK1 ) and get the rest of the bottle for free which is really good value. I’ll remember that little deal for next time I’m in Brighton. MY wrap was yummy, little too pesto-ey than I would have normally have but I liked it actually. Who cares about garlic breath? And the noodles were surprisingly spicy, deceptive little noodles!

Pesto chicken wrap and the hot hot haaaaat chilli noodles

On my way to order we found where all the LP’s from the menu sleeves ended up! On the wall, it made a really nice feature amongst the booths and tables.

The barmaid told me about the club they have downstairs called Ally Cats, have to check that out soon I think.  Meow!

Top tip, book a table because I think it’ll get very very busy over lunchtimes and weekends. http://www.partyatthepub.co.uk/new-booking/

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Nice and filling, good little liquid lunch.

Atmosphere and decoration:  Really liked the music theme. Hope they put up more LPs on the other walls.

Facilities:  Comfy booths round the whole bar.

Talent Radar:  Little older than my usual type!

Fun Factor: Good place to chat in the day but I bet it gets packed downstairs.

Perfect for: General hang out. Quiet pint, pre clubbing drinks.

In 3 words: Music, Relaxed, Foodie.