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Varsity Huddersfield


Hola Chicas/Chicos

I headed up to Yorkshire this week to party with the new fresher’s at Huddersfield University.  For the last few weeks I’ve been un-in dated with invites from various pubs and bars asking me to come check out their fresher’s week. I hadn’t even considered Huddersfield until I saw their Fresher’s Fling night. 5 pubs, 3 groups, 1 t-shirt, the pub crawl to end all pub crawls. Looking at the list of bars and seeing Varsity in the mix made me happy, love a good student bar which is a rare thing to find other than the student union. Wetherspoons and slug and lettuce is getting too expensive.

So I trekked up to Huddersfield to join in the fun. I decided to scope out the bar before the night’s carnage. The venue was much bigger than the other Varsity’s I’ve been to before. The downstairs part was where the main bar was and had lots of tables, sofas, high top tables and stools. Even at 2pm the bar was HEAVING with hungry students. The place smelled of burgers and BBQ sauce, score one for making my tummy rumble! I had a cheese burger and curly fries. The burger was amazing, tasted really fresh and so juicy. Considering it was under £5 for a burger and a drink, I think I’ve replaced my cheap burger deal with a new one – sorry Wetherspoons!

Once the bar had got a little quieter I had a chat with the manager who told me he was expecting over 700 students tonight. That’s a whoooole lotta students but all the staff seemed really excited for the night. Had a little quiet time in the beer garden and found out the bar had free Wi-Fi and after failing to ignore my email inbox I couldn’t escape them anymore and fully took advantage of the Wi-Fi.

I returned later in the evening just in the nick of time, right before the first wave for pub crawlers. Even though I graduated a few short months ago, I was out of practice and these fresh faced fresher’s were drinking me under the table! It was so good seeing the big groups of students together all partying and dancing. Witnessed the most hilarious dance-off in the upstairs seating area. I would have filmed if it hadn’t been so dark but seeing 4 blokes inside a ring of adoring girl’s body popping and jumping around was funny as hell!


Speaking of girls, in the boy to girl ratio, the boys were massively loosing, never seen so much long hair and bare legs, if you got it flaunt it and these girls defiantly had it!

The lovely Huddersfield Girls




..and boys! ooOOOooo errrrrr

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Staff were pumped and ready to go

Atmosphere and decoration:  Good reliable student bar, a dying breed.

Facilities:  High heel friendly, I hate slippery floors, never a good look when you fall on your face.

Talent Radar:  Oh yes, the blokes that were there score a good 8/10 although a bit young for me.

Fun Factor: Major fun, great music, good dancing fun was had by all

Perfect for: Hangover fixer food, cheap prices, student hang out, free Wi-Fi.

In 3 words: Raise the roof!

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