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‘Tis the Season, is it?

‘Tis the Season, is it?

So while I was at Cape Wood St enjoying some tasty cocktails, I was told that Cape in St Katherine’s Docks will be hosting a Christmas Taster Event on the 11th September. Christmas in September? I had to see what this was all about. A couple of my friends were interested in sorting out a Christmas Party so I took them along for the ride.

Well, when we walked into the bar we instantly felt more festive. The bar had been decorated tastefully with Christmas decorations and fairly lights and we were greeted with a glass of mulled wine which definitely got us in the mood for Christmas.

Then in came the food. Boards stacked with Smoked Salmon on Rye Bread and Thyme Baked Brie with Garlic Toast came out to greet us. The Salmon was delicious and the Brie was perfectly cooked and creamy. My favourite was the Christmas on a Stick, which was exactly what it says on the tin, bits of chicken, potato, stuffing and Vegetables popped on a stick and covered in cranberry sauce. Perfect!

In the corner was a giant cardboard Santa, holding the message that if we book our Christmas Party on selected dates we could get 25% off! Now that’s definitely worth a kiss!

All in all I had a great time at Cape and I am already looking forward to the festive season. Well done guys! Loved it!


Cape Stockton Heath – Cackles in the Cape.



First things first, I would like to announce that Party Princess is expanding! You can now find my blogs on AllAbroadUK and Visityourlocal. Very exicting.

The nights have been getting darker, wetter, colder and overall down right depressing. It got  to the point last week where I declared “Enough is enough, I’m bored of the winter blues, I need some laughs and a glass wine”  A few hours later a very interesting email popped up in my inbox entitled “Comedy night at Cape Bar, Stockton Heath” 3 hours of comedy performed by 4 regulars from  Manchester premier comedy club The Frog and Bucket. Not only that but it was all in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Can’t turn down an offer like that really can I?

Stockton Heath is a cute little town sat closely to Warrington (Nearest train station was Warrington Bank Quay). Very cosy bar, smaller than the other “Cape” bars I’ve been to in the past but had a great warm atmosphere to it. I can say with absolute certainty that the staff were some the of the most attentive, welcoming and fun loving group of people I have witnessed in a pub. The Manager – Mike is a lovely chap and his friendliness and humour really wears off on his staff. Three cheers to him.

Mike (Centre Right) and the gang

Katie Mulgrew - Ex teacher turned funny lass.

8pm rolled around and the comedy acts started arriving. The MC for the night was ex supply teacher Katie Mulgrew, described as “The fairy at the top of the tree” and set the mood and tone of the night. If her opening act was anything to go by, I was in for a great night!

Left to right - Mike, Will, Katie and Macmillan Sponsor

Next up we met Mike Newall and Will Duggan – Both shared their views on life, relationships and current events.

Finally, the cherry on the top was the fabulous Mickey D an Australian born comedian with a unique blend of satire and dark humour and shared his views on living in England and gave us all a lesson on how to deal with drunken hecklers. There always one crowd who think the comedian is there simply to perform to them and them alone.

The night was a huge success for Macmillan cancer support and was a great cure for my winter blues. Would really recommend anyone in the Warrington area to check out Cape and next time in Manchester I will popping into the Frog and bucket if the 4 acts were anything to go by and would return to Cape in a heart beat!

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  First class service
Atmosphere and decoration:  Giggly…teee heeee
Facilities:  great big pink mirrors!
Talent Radar:  Will Duggan wasn’t too bad! x
Fun Factor: 100%
Perfect for: Giggles, lots of laughs, large group parties.
In 3 words: Tears of Laughter.

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Brazil in Bank – Casa Da Cachaca @ Cape Woodstreet


Every now and again a very strange thing happens in Central London between St Paul’s and Bank. What is usually a trendy, smooth cocktail bar overnight transforms into a vibrant, sensual, Latino love fest!

I’ve visited Cape Bar on the corner of Lovers lane before (read my previous blog here) and when the manager (Lovely Miss Ellie Baldin) described their Brazilian theme I couldn’t think of a better place to have it! In order to rally the troops all I needed to say was “Brazil”, “Tequila” and mention the opportunity to bag a bronzed Latino and I had the makings of a winning night out.  It was suggested that we book a table before hand as it expected the bar would be chocka-blocka and it was a good job we did because it really was packed! I would recommend you do the same if you are going, Click here for more info.



Walking in, I hardly recognised the place! The bar was teaming with life, cocktails lined the bar and the dance floor was filled with people swaying their hips and salsa-ering the night away. Imagine the first dirty dancing scene but to Brazilian music, and that’s very close to what was going on.  This particular theme was Halloween so a few people had donned their costumes and the bar was decked out with spider webs and the TV screens had swapped the Rugby World Cup matches to the Corpse Bride movie.

Everyone looked to be having so much fun, I don’t think there was a unsmiling face in the room, even the bar staff were having a little sway behind the bar.  I didn’t want to miss out but my dancing skills are rather limited – I’m too used to shuffling awkwardly in an overcrowded nightclub dance floor. So I grabbed a round of jagerbombs and grabbed my friend and hoped the music would guide my feet in the right direction!

I have to say, I understand why they say salsa dancing is such a good workout! After a few impromptu lessons from a lovely chappie whose name completely escapes me, I had grasped the hang of salsa style dancing! The next few hours were occupied by wiggling my hips, spinning on my toes, giggling and encouraging the rest of my friends to join me and my dancing teacher.


The Casa Da Cachaca Brazilian party is a monthly party at Cape Bar on Lovers Lane/Wood Street. Entry is free for girls, between £7-10 for boys. Free shots of tequila before 11pm and the you can party the night away until 4am!

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Lovely staff as always, great fancy dress efforts from everyone

Atmosphere and decoration:  So much going on, awesome atmosphere, can’t help but smile and giggle when everyone else is so happy.

Facilities:  Great respite from dancing , my poor feet.

Talent Radar:  masses of beautiful people!

Fun Factor: 10856739575928% YES!

Perfect for: Girls night out, hen party, group parties, cocktails, dancing, bagging a hottie


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The Cape – Wood Street/Lovers Lane



I love a good pub quiz and I love music (most people say I have terrible music taste but, I say eclectic)  so when I was invited to a charity music quiz at Cape (Nr Bank, London) I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show off and flex my music brain. The quiz was
arranged by Crazy Cow Events to raise money for the Crazy Cow Kilimanjaro Climb. You’d have to be crazy, rather them than me!
The bar itself was lush! When we went in, it was only half empty and the atmosphere was already buzzing.  We sat on the ground floor, although the upstairs looked spacious.  Just as we started to get settled, look who turned up! Only the big cheese mr CEO himself, check out Mark with Helen our Central Reservation Manager!

Here is a picture of the Crazy Cow girls and Laura our London sales manager and general nutter! – They are lovely despite my camera trying to make everyone evil! Robyn on the left believes a pair of Roxy stiletto hiking boots will get her up there and Melanie is apparently….SCARED! Helen is apparently “Bricking it – but is very excited and chuffed about to eating loads” and Robyn, the crackpot who came up with the idea is also very excited.

Right to left: Laura, Melanie and Robyn


Our entry £5 ticket included food and considering how much food we got it was a total BARGIN! The roasted vegetable and cheese baguette slices and garlic mushrooms were so so so yummy. Although some people just couldn’t fit enough chips in their mouths. *cough cough – No names who!*


So once we fed and watered, the quiz began! The first round was “guess the song”, kicked assed with 16/20, the second round was picture round, third round was “guess the female singer”  – Once  again kicked ass. After the third round we were on 46/60 and feeling hopeful. That’s where it all went to pot though. Round 5 was general knowledge and round 6 was “guess the TV theme”. As 23yr old, it’s hardly likely I’m going to the theme tune to Taggart and Touch of Frost. I may be still sulking but I say it was unfair. Even after a few sneaky Google cheat answers, we ended on a TERRIBLE score, I’ve shamed myself. 😦

The winners of the quiz were team “Greeting pop pickers” who got a MASSIVE 76/100. They deserved a £50 bar tab for being that awesome i reckon.

Greeting Pop Pickers

The girls raised £950 which is absolutely amazing. Congratulations to them! For more information on the charity, the climb and to donate your pennies visit: http://www.justgiving.com/crazycowclimb

Next week I’m starting a 10 venue FRESHERS tour, I’m so excited to catch up with mates, party with the new generation fresher’s! BLOG-TASTIC! To follow my fun and frolics join me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Party-Princess/211585152228557

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  DE-LISH! Nom nom. Staff were really friendly and upbeat,

Atmosphere and decoration:  Buzzing, great atmosphere.

Facilities:  Clean and sparkly!

Talent Radar:  Too busy being rubbish at the quiz to notice!!!

Fun Factor: Even though I pretty much sucked, still had a good time.

Perfect for: All-rounder actually. Would be perfect for pre-clubbing drinks,
drink date, business meeting place.

In 3 words: Trendy, Atmospheric, Foodie.

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