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The Almanac – Mo Gotta Go Party



So sorry for the late-ness of this blog update, I’ve been so wrapped up in Christmas! Better late than never.

So in my opinion November is normally a time for digging out my thick coat, whacking on the tights and writing my letter to Santa Claus however for millions of men round the world, November means one thing and one thing only, Movemeber. For those people living in a hole out in the south pacific and don’t know what Movemeber is….I’ll explain.

Movember is a where men grow their moustaches aka Mo’s without shaving for a whole month in the name for charity to raise awareness about Prostate Cancer. This tradition has been so successful, and everyone that takes party works very hard at raising as much money as they can. I for one can’t get enough of seeing guys walking about with funny tash’s, some are aMOzing and some just pure Moriffic!

Its a MOOOOO-Jito...get it!

Well to celebrate the end of Movember I was invited to pop along to a “Mo-Gotta-Go” party in Derby at The Almanac. (You can read my previous Almanac entry here)

Derby never disappoints, the people are just so lovely and I can say with some certainty that Derby have the friendliest cab drivers! The Almanac also never ever disappoints. The staff (Richard, Josh, Hannah, Pete are long standing employees) cannot do enough for their customers. They welcomed me as always with a toothy grin and pushed a Mo-jito in my hand – Always a great way to get me on board with any party!

So the bar was brimming with bushy, prickly, luscious tashes as far as the eye could see, some were eager to shave their whiskers off, others were loving the new look and decided to keep it. Check out some of these latest fashion must haves….Magnum PI and Hulk Hogan should be proud!

I even got a little jealous of the mo-fros and decided to rapidly grow my own…what you think!!

The bar manager had brought in a professional barber to help with the sheering who gave the lads a traditional wet shave. I couldn’t not stand there and NOT give it a go…come on.

I had the extreme honour of crowning Mr Movember 2011 and the award went to this mo hero! His moustache really was lovely, so thick, surprisingly soft and downright sexy actually!!!



Before I give my Royal Scores on the Doors. I’m looking for a new group of Party Princesses, queens, kings, princes to party with. SOOOOO, If you comment below with your email address, we can organise a good ole royal knees up at some new pubs I’ve been meaning to try. Drinks and dinner on me! x

Royal Scores on the Doors

Food and service:  Mo-verlous!

Atmosphere and decoration:  Mo-gnificent

Facilities:  fab as always

Talent Radar:  I think I had a slight crush on Mr Movemeber!

Fun Factor: watching grown men shave their face has never been so much fun!

Perfect for: stag parties, curing the mojito cravings, cosy night out

In 3 words: Mo, Mo, Mo There’s Mo Limit!



The Almanac, Derby


Hello Party Princesses and Princes

I visited the Almanac in Derby this week for a meeting with some work colleagues.  I was already looking forward to visiting this particular pub because I heard they had a Karaoke booth and the plan was to do the boring work stuff then sing away later in the night.

Have to say the overall look of the pub was awesome. Barn yard chic is how I would explain it. Exposed wooden floors and exposed red brick blocks but mixed with pretty wallpaper and 70’s style bubble chairs. Overall, very very cool.

I had my meeting in “The Bake house” which was a separate little room at the back which people can book out for meeting, parties and the like. Very cosy in there but a little dark.

The bar is on two floors, the ground floor had the bar, booths, door to the outside smoking area and the karaoke booth and the mezzanine floor had some more seating area and the toliets.  One of the bar staff told me that a few weeks ago a very drunk customer was messing around on the stairs, fell over the railing and landed on the sofa below him. Lucky if you ask me, what sort of idiot does that!!!

After my meeting, we all chilled out and had a spot of dinner, my baked lasagne was soooooooooo good, all cheesy and meaty, although if anyone is going to order it in the future, be careful, I nearly burnt my lip it was so hot. Didn’t care though!!

The TVs above the bar showed the film Cocktail on mute which was a nice little touch. Got me thinking about cocktails anyway that’s for sure.

So after a couple of not so cheeky glasses of wine and southern comforts and lemonade, it was KARAOKE time! I don’t really know what I was expecting but the booth was really cool. The karaoke machine was all touch screen which I hadn’t seen before and had loads of up to date songs as well as the typical karaoke classics.

I would NEVER EVER subject anyone to my singing, mainly because I was too embarrassed – not because my singing sounds like a bag of cats being swung into a wall (I’m not even joking, ask my flatmates!!!) So I left it to our sales manager to do a Birmingham remix of “I need a dollar” which is now “I need a pound”. The video is available, and yes I will take bribes to either delete it or show it. (I’ll take a Starbuck large mocha frappe with chocolate sauce thank you!) I’ll be booking the booth next time I’m in that’s for sure.

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Really good vibe coming off the staff.
Atmosphere and decoration:  Loved the mix of old and new, perfect condition and spotlessly clean.
Facilities:  Good full length mirrors
Talent Radar:  Depends if you count our sales staff?!
Fun Factor: Karaoke-tastic
Perfect for: First date, Work meeting, liquid lunch, general hangout, Karaoke night out. Hen/Stag parties.
In 3 words: Kar-a-okeeeee

Don’t just take my word for it though! Check out other reviews at ……..Inapub.co.ukPubsgalore.co.ukVisitderby I even fell across this video on the bar staff, watch here.

I love hearing from you all. If you want to update me on your party plans, give me recommendations on where to travel too next or any heads up of any places to steer well clear of drop me a line. Even if you fancy joining me for a a dance in Doncaster, a mojito in Manchester, a cheeky glass of wine Cardiff or a burger in Bangor give me a bell and I’ll pop along, (never know I might get the first round!)

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