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When I go to order a bottle of wine, be it in a restaurant or in a pub I will pick a white almost all of the time, I just prefer it. However when I am out with the girls, I have the minority vote and Rose wine is picked for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t HATE Rose, I just think you can get more flavoursome white varieties.

Having said that, when I DO go for pink I normally pick a wine which is almost orange in colour and it has to be served cold, VERY cold. I know that everyone says you shouldn’t serve anything colder than 12 degrees blah, blah, blah, but on a personal level I always keep my wine cooler at around 8 degrees.

So I was out last week with the girls and as predicted, Rose was ordered, on this occasion Fortant Merlot…

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I love blogging about the awesome people and places I encounter. Whether it's a VIP opening in Plymouth, freshers blow-out in Cardiff or a karaoke battle in Liverpool, or my newest party anthem, I'll bring you all the goss. Stick around it'll be wild- never know I might share my invites! Party Princess

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