Brazil in Bank – Casa Da Cachaca @ Cape Woodstreet


Every now and again a very strange thing happens in Central London between St Paul’s and Bank. What is usually a trendy, smooth cocktail bar overnight transforms into a vibrant, sensual, Latino love fest!

I’ve visited Cape Bar on the corner of Lovers lane before (read my previous blog here) and when the manager (Lovely Miss Ellie Baldin) described their Brazilian theme I couldn’t think of a better place to have it! In order to rally the troops all I needed to say was “Brazil”, “Tequila” and mention the opportunity to bag a bronzed Latino and I had the makings of a winning night out.  It was suggested that we book a table before hand as it expected the bar would be chocka-blocka and it was a good job we did because it really was packed! I would recommend you do the same if you are going, Click here for more info.



Walking in, I hardly recognised the place! The bar was teaming with life, cocktails lined the bar and the dance floor was filled with people swaying their hips and salsa-ering the night away. Imagine the first dirty dancing scene but to Brazilian music, and that’s very close to what was going on.  This particular theme was Halloween so a few people had donned their costumes and the bar was decked out with spider webs and the TV screens had swapped the Rugby World Cup matches to the Corpse Bride movie.

Everyone looked to be having so much fun, I don’t think there was a unsmiling face in the room, even the bar staff were having a little sway behind the bar.  I didn’t want to miss out but my dancing skills are rather limited – I’m too used to shuffling awkwardly in an overcrowded nightclub dance floor. So I grabbed a round of jagerbombs and grabbed my friend and hoped the music would guide my feet in the right direction!

I have to say, I understand why they say salsa dancing is such a good workout! After a few impromptu lessons from a lovely chappie whose name completely escapes me, I had grasped the hang of salsa style dancing! The next few hours were occupied by wiggling my hips, spinning on my toes, giggling and encouraging the rest of my friends to join me and my dancing teacher.


The Casa Da Cachaca Brazilian party is a monthly party at Cape Bar on Lovers Lane/Wood Street. Entry is free for girls, between £7-10 for boys. Free shots of tequila before 11pm and the you can party the night away until 4am!

Scores on the (royal) doors:  

Food and service:  Lovely staff as always, great fancy dress efforts from everyone

Atmosphere and decoration:  So much going on, awesome atmosphere, can’t help but smile and giggle when everyone else is so happy.

Facilities:  Great respite from dancing , my poor feet.

Talent Radar:  masses of beautiful people!

Fun Factor: 10856739575928% YES!

Perfect for: Girls night out, hen party, group parties, cocktails, dancing, bagging a hottie


For other reviews of the bar visit, and Crazycowevents



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